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Vrija Illuminate Night Mask

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For uneven skin tone & hyperpigmentation Vrija Illuminate Night Mask is carefully formulated with international complexes to provide immediate & sustained skin brightening. The efficacious formulation deeply moisturizes, evens skin tone, reduces fine lines, dark spots & age spots. KEY BENEFITS EVENS SKIN TONE Niacinamide reduces the impact of environmental damage, restores moisture, reduces fine lines, dark spots, pigmentation & wrinkles. SKIN BRIGHTENING A patented complex of rapeseed, rice bran & licorice extract dedicated to providing brightening effect & hyperpigmentation reduction. It penetrates deeply & is easily absorbed. SKIN LIGHTENING Stabilized Ascorbic acid is a powerful antioxidant, counters skin damage, increases collagen synthesis & makes the skin firmer. WONDER MOLECULE FOR EVEN SKIN TONE Sea Fern Extract is a wonder molecule in reducing hyper-pigmentation & dark spots. The expertise is imported from France.
WORKS BEST ON Dull, pigmented, aged or ageing skin
Vrija Illuminate Night Mask
Vrija Illuminate Night Mask Sale priceRs. 499.00 Regular priceRs. 945.00



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Vrija age revive night mask is benefited with the stabilised form of retinol which ensures no side effects and delivers high concentration of pure retinol to minimise the signs of ageing & gives the skin a plump & youthful appearance. The expertise is imported from Germany.

It is the plant based safe retinol alternative. It promotes anti-ageing action. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to give skin a firmer look.

The powerful antioxidant with patented nanoveter technology. Potent coenzyme Q-10 offers
diverse benefits like wrinkle depth reduction, prevents photo ageing & reduces hyperpigmentation.It is user friendly & doesn’t cause irritation or photo-sensibilization. The expertise is imported from Brazil

The patented complex from USA is known to promote instant skin firming & tightening on application. It is recognised for its ability to show visible results within half an hour of application. As Vrija is all about immediate & sustained action, the complex is the ideal add on in the formulation

Perceived to reduce fine lines & pigmentation. It also helps to build Keratin. Renews and restores the skin surface against moisture loss. Reduces the impact of environmental damage.

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