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About Us


Vrija Means Lotus in Sanskrit

The Lotus flower emerges stunningly beautiful from the muddy pond, in sunlight to greet a brand new day.  But when the moon takes over, it retreats to repair, restore and rejuvenate

Vrija Day Care

Vrija Day Care products will inspire you to always look your best & own the day, even if you are in the murkiest of situations, just like the lotus

Vrija Night Care

Vrija Night Care products detox your skin, repair &  nourish your
skin with the most potent actives while you are sleeping to give you a rejuvenated look when you wake up in the morning.

The Lotus Effect

During the day, I rise in mud,I bloom in water I blossom in sunlight,I am VRIJA

During the night, I repair in dark,I restore in silence I revitalize in moonlight,I AM VRIJA

The “LOTUS EFFECT” is coined after the plant’s amazing self-cleaning property and hydrophobic nature. Dirt particles are picked up by water droplets due to the micro-and diminutive architecture on the surface, which minimizes the droplet’s cohesion to the surface.

This revolutionary mechanism of Lotus makes it one of its kind. Vrija takes its inspiration from the amazing self-healing & rejuvenating properties of Lotus flower Our products are carefully crafted with the passion of an artist and the precision of a scientist.

Why is our product Unisex?

Our products are unisex because we strive to address the ``Unique skin type`` and ``Skin concerns`` rather than being gender-specific. Unisex is the ``latest standard`` in skincare.


So, a woman with dry skin can use the same product as a man with dry skin, as the problem is the type of skin, not the gender.

Internationally Acclaimed Ingredients

Our team has handpicked picked world-class patented ingredients from different corners of the world. Be it Anagain from Swiss, Hyaluronic acid from the USA, Sea fern extract from France, Retinol from Germany,
etc. to make products that are efficacious.

Cosmos Certified Products

COSMOS stands for cosmetic organic and natural standard, which is a European standard for natural and organic products. Our respect & gratitude towards biodiversity motivated us to develop environmentally
friendly & non-GMO products.

Proprietary Formulations

Each product is carefully crafted with thoughtfully selected potent & multifaceted ingredients to provide synergistic action with maximum safety & efficacy.