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About Us


'Lotus' in Sanskrit

The Lotus flower emerges stunningly beautiful from the muddy pond, in sunlight to greet a brand new day.  But when the moon takes over, it retreats to repair, restore and rejuvenate.

At Vrija, we are on a mission to inspire individuals to embrace the teachings and grace of the resilient lotus flower by empowering them with proprietary formulations that, although crafted with the passion of an artist, are nothing short of scientific precision.



In the garden of life, where dreams take flight,

Amidst the shadows, and the darkest night,

Through trials and tears, we learn to cope,

One must bloom, just as a lotus blossoms with hope.

Internationally Acclaimed Ingredients

Our team has handpicked high quality, patented ingredients from all around the globe. Right from Swiss pea sprout extract to retinol from Germany, our products contain the best the world has to offer.

Cosmos Certification

COSMOS stands for Cosmetic Organic and Natural Standard, a European standard for organic products. Our respect & gratitude towards mother nature has motivated us to develop products that are environmentally-friendly & non-GMO.

Proprietary Formulations

We scientifically craft each product with ingredients that are thoughtfully selected, and highly potent, & versatile to provide synergistic action with maximum safety & efficacy.