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Article: Experience the magic of the Lotus Effect with Vrija

Experience the magic of the Lotus Effect with Vrija

Experience the magic of the Lotus Effect with Vrija

The Lotus Effect

The world is in admiration of the self-healing & rejuvenating properties of the Lotus flower. A lot of research is being made to understand the cell regeneration & rejuvenation of Lotus as a potential innovation for anti-aging & aesthetics.

The “LOTUS EFFECT” is coined after the plant’s amazing self-cleaning property and hydrophobic nature. Dirt particles are picked up by water droplets due to the micro-and diminutive architecture on the surface, which minimizes the droplet’s cohesion to the surface.

This revolutionary mechanism of Lotus makes it one of its kind.

Vrija takes its inspiration from the amazing self-healing & rejuvenating properties of Lotus flower

Our products are carefully crafted with the passion of an artist and the precision of a scientist.


The Lotus flower emerges flawlessly clean and stunningly beautiful from the muddy pond, lifting itself high up in the morning to greet a brand new day. It unfurls its petals one by one, gently revealing its exquisite beauty! Vrija Day Care products will inspire you to always look your best and own the day, just like the lotus. Even if you are in the murkiest of situations, Vrija will not fail to make you bloom.

During the day

  • Through the mud, I rise
  • Through water, I emerge
  • Through sunlight, I blossom
  • I am VRIJA

Our range of Daycare products include-

Hair Serums – Nutrient-Rich Hair Serum, Dandruff Control Hair Serum, Hair Growth Serum, Advance Strengthening Hair Serum

Moisturizers – Day Moisturizer, Body Milk


When the sun starts to dip, the Lotus flower delicately closes it’s petals as if taking off me time to rest at night, repair,  restore and rejuvenate.

Vrija Night Care products detox your skin and nourish it with the most potent actives for 8 long hours while you are sleeping. When you wake up in the morning, you will be ready to conquer the day with your youthful glow!

During the night

  • I repair
  • I restore
  • I revitalize

Our range of Night care products include-

Night Masks

Hydrate Night Mask, Nourish Night Mask, Illuminate Night Mask, Age Revive Night Mask, Age Defying Night Mask, Detan Night Mask

All our Skin &Hair care products are gender-equal and show flawless results on both men & women Our products are dermatologically tested & have the iconic ingredients which are exclusively sourced from around the world to provide maximum safety & efficacy.

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