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Article: Chlorophyll- elixir of all life

Chlorophyll- elixir of all life

Chlorophyll- elixir of all life

The basis of all lives on Earth is heavily dependent on the plant kingdom. The plant kingdom is independent when it comes to producing their own food because of chlorophyll that aids photosynthesis. With the advancement of technology and growing demand of integrating natural sources of nutrition to skin, chlorophyll has taken over lots of products in both topical and supplement forms. 

How chlorophyll helps skin?

A powerful antioxidant



Fights breakouts

Reduces acne

Reduces signs of aging

A great choice for vegans

When it comes to ingesting skincare supplements, a lot of people prefer plant-based products. Green leafy Veggies are a rich source of chlorophyll. 

Rich source of vitamins

Vitamins K, E, C and A, all the vitamins that are required for a healthy skin. Apart from all these the main component of chlorophyll is magnesium.

These vitamins help in

Healing wounds 

Antioxidant properties

Improves skin elasticity


Fighting UV damage

Moisturizing skin

Reducing hyperpigmentation

Promotes collagen synthesis

Hydrates the skin

Why choose supplements over topical products of chlorophyll?

A good nutrition combats most of our skin problems. Thus adding chlorophyll to our routine as supplements has all the benefits that are aforementioned. Nowadays a lot of people face skin sensitivity problems and that makes them wary of introducing something new on skin topically. Whereas chlorophyll can be ingested in supplement form or through food without causing a lot of trouble.

What happens when you ingest Magnesium?

Magnesium has unexpected benefits to our skin.

Improves complexion

Breaks facial oils apart

Reduces frequent breakouts

Relaxes our CNS thus improves our sleep cycle

Reduces stress that has direct reflection on our health and skin

Increased RBC production thus increasing Oxygen availability of body which in turn improves our skin

Forms of chlorophyll available as supplements

Chlorophyllin- It is incorporated in a lot of medicines for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. 

Papain-urea-chlorophyllin- It is a chlorophyll copper complex. Where the main component of chlorophyll which is magnesium is replaced by copper. Fortunately copper in this complex has similar therapeutic properties as magnesium.

How much of chlorophyll should one take in a day?

In green vegetables, chlorophyll is present in the highest amount. Even though there is no particular limit to consuming green vegetables or chlorophyll in a day, its advisable to take the quantity of chlorophyll that is present in 4 servings of vegetables. There are a lot of vegetables that are supplied with chlorophyll but spinach beats them all when it comes to consuming vegetables. Spinach has 24 milligrams of chlorophyll in one serving. Other vegetables that can supply a good quantity of chlorophyll are bok choy, green cabbage, turnip greens, kale and parsley. These vegetables do not provide us with the sufficient amount of chlorophyll we need in a day, that’s why supplements are a preferred method to get our regular boost of chlorophyll. 

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