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Article: Best ways to avoid dandruff in hair

Best ways to avoid dandruff in hair

Best ways to avoid dandruff in hair

Dandruff is a common scalp disorder that affects virtually everyone at least once in their lifetime. And even though the likelihood of getting this disorder is fairly high, it is rather annoying and naturally embarrassing. Although the precise cause of dandruff cannot be pointed out, several factors have been linked to the advancement of this disorder, and these include 

Non-inflammatory disruption in physiological scaling of the skin on the scalp: dandruff, (according to most schools of thought) is not known to be an inflammatory condition. Most research claims it to be a disturbance in the normal physiological shedding of the skin of your scalp. The topmost cells of your skin are keratinized (composed of a protein called keratin), and these cells are known as corneocytes. Due to the imbalance in shedding off of these cells, corneocytes clump together and instead of being shed off these clumps of cells remain on your head.

It might be a mild form of seborrhoeic dermatitis, which is an inflammatory skin condition in which there is an increased incidence of scaly red patches on the skin, specifically the scalp. 

It may be because of microbes, particularly the fungus Malassezia (species) which colonize the scalp and induce the clumping of corneocytes. Though the presence of Malassezia has been linked to the development of dandruff in a majority of the population, this cannot be labeled as the sole cause. 

It may be because of non-microbial, environmental causes like:

Increased exposure to sunlight causes excessive desquamation of skin cells

Over-shampooing your hair causes your skin to be stripped of its natural essential oils

Frequently combing your hair (aggressively) can lead to potential inflammation and then dandruff 

Dirt and dust

Does having an oily scalp make you more prone to developing this condition?

Sebum, which is the oily secretion from your sebaceous glands (which are more than abundant in the scalp), is not known to be the primary cause of dandruff. It does, however, predispose you to develop this condition. This is why the incidence of developing dandruff is maximum during puberty. Additionally, cholesterol may increase the colonization of Malassezia. 

What is dandruff made up of?

Dandruff is composed of an aggregation of corneocytes, which compose the topmost layer of the skin on your head (your scalp). 

The relationship between dandruff and your hair cycle 

Unfortunately, if you have dandruff, you are more likely to experience hair loss. Dandruff may lead to the development of telogen effluvium and may exacerbate the condition of androgenic alopecia. While normally most people lose about 50-100 strands of hair every single day, dandruff can cause a person to lose as much as 150-200 hair strands every single day. 

How can you avoid the development of dandruff in your hair?

Use keratolytic agents like salicylic acid and sulphur as these dissolve the “glue” that holds corneocytes together. Additionally, sulphur is also an excellent antimicrobial agent. 

Zinc pyrithione normalizes the keratinization and physiological shedding of skin cells. Zinc pyrithione also regulates sebum production.

Tar- though tar gives a pretty foul odour and can be messy for cosmetic application, it has proven to be very effective in psoriasis as well as the treatment of dandruff in the population of the Indian subcontinent, especially when combined with zinc pyrithione.  

Steroids are anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative agents.

Imidazole (antifungal agents) like ketoconazole disrupt microbial colonization of both Candida and Malassezia species.

Staying away from the sun to prevent excessive decolonization. 

Wash your hair, not more than thrice a week to preserve those essential oils.

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