Vrija Detan Night Mask

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For uneven skin tone & tan

Vrija Detan Night Mask is thoughtfully designed to reduce the skin tan due to UV rays, dirt, dust & pollutants and to provide a bright & even skin tone. The night mask not only evens out the skin tone but also repairs the skin’s protective barrier & provide intense moisturization for a plump, hydrated & youthful appearance.


PeelmoistTM effectively exfoliates the outermost layer of the skin to shed off the dead skin cells & impurities & provide a bright glowing & even skin tone. It also aids in the skin rejuvenation for a plump look.

Alpha arbutin, marine algae & organic daisy flower extract work synergistically to reduce hyperpigmentation & brighten the skin with smart pigmentation modulation only under hyper-melanogenesis condition thus preserving the natural skin tone

Patented actives repair the skin’s protective barrier & provide protection against UV induced damage

Dull, tanned & damaged skin

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Why Night Mask?
1. It evens the skin tone , while you snooze

Vrija Detan Night Mask is thoughtfully designed with an attempt to reduce the skin tan & promote a even skin tone along with a plump, youthful & rejuvenated look

2. It restores moisture

Vrija night masks are engineered to form a thin film which prevents moisture & nutrient loss at night.

3. Skin Friendly pH

Vrija night masks are deliberately devised with a skin friendly pH of 5.5-5.8 to render skin’s natural pH & avoid sensitivity & irritation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommendation for Detan Night Mask?

Detan night mask is intended to remove the skin tan, provide protection against sunburn & even the skin tone along with skin brightening effect

At what age can we start using the mask?

The recommended age to start using the mask is 25.

Is it suitable for oily skin?

Yes, it is safe for use in all skin types.

Can 2 masks be applied together?

It is recommended to apply a single mask at a time. 2 masks can be applied on alternate days.

When can I see visible results?

It takes 3-4 weeks of daily application to show visible results.

What are the storage recommendations for masks?

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Can the mask be used on acne-prone skin?

The mask is non-comedogenic & safe for use in acne-prone skin.

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  1. Gulshan (verified owner)

    I love this VRIJA DETAN NIGHT MASK. It’s very thin mask apply on my skin and wakeup in morning after wash my skin glowing and healthy.

  2. saneelrane@gmail.com (verified owner)

    Probably the best D-Tan mask I have ever used. I had got tanned because of swimming. But after using this for last 2 weeks, I can see my skin has become two shades lighter. Grateful to my friend who’s a pharmacist that she recommended this product.

  3. Astha Singh

    I recently tried the Detan Night Mask for the summer, and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results! This mask has become an essential part of my skincare routine. It’s incredibly refreshing and lightweight, perfect for those hot summer nights. After using it consistently, I noticed a significant reduction in my tan lines and uneven skin tone.

  4. Rohit Kejriwal

    I absolutely love the Vrija Detan Night Mask! It has made a noticeable difference in my skin’s texture and tone. Highly recommended!

  5. Ganika Sem

    This night mask has a non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly, allowing me to go to bed without any residue. My skin feels fresh and nourished every morning

  6. Malini Mital

    This night mask is a game-changer! It has helped fade my dark spots and even out my skin. I wake up with a refreshed and glowing complexion

  7. Parth Deshpande

    I have tried several night masks, but the Vrija Detan Night Mask is by far the best. It absorbs quickly, feels lightweight, and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft

  8. Nirmal Bhagat

    The Vrija Detan Night Mask is a multitasking wonder! It not only hydrates and repairs my skin but also helps minimize the appearance of pores. I’m hooked!”

  9. Mina Natt

    I can’t get enough of this night mask! It not only moisturizes my skin but also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. It’s a must-have in my skincare routine

  10. Trishna Sarin

    After using the Vrija Detan Night Mask for a few weeks, my skin feels rejuvenated and nourished. I no longer wake up with dull-looking skin. Love it

  11. Dhiraj Pingle

    I’ve struggled with uneven skin texture, but this night mask has made a significant difference. My skin feels smoother and looks more refined.

  12. Sharad Vad

    The results I’ve seen with this night mask are amazing. My skin looks brighter, healthier, and more radiant. I highly recommend giving it a try.

  13. Aryabhata Thakre

    I have sensitive skin, and finding a night mask that doesn’t cause irritation can be challenging. However, the Vrija Detan Night Mask is gentle and soothing. It’s perfect for my skin!

  14. Prem Badakar

    This night mask has become an essential part of my skincare routine. It helps me wake up with plump and hydrated skin. I can’t imagine my nights without it!

  15. Vimala Deol

    Since incorporating this night mask into my routine, I’ve noticed fewer breakouts and improved skin clarity. It’s a holy grail product for me.

  16. Manjistha Chadda

    The Vrija Detan Night Mask has helped fade my acne scars and even out my skin tone. I’m impressed with the results and will continue using it.

  17. Nupur Nayar

    I’ve struggled with dry skin for a long time, but this night mask has been a savior. It deeply hydrates my skin, leaving it soft and supple

  18. Nancy Bera

    The Vrija Detan Night Mask has a unique formula that helps my skin recover from daily stress and exposure. I wake up with a refreshed and revitalized complexion.

  19. Ujali Shrivastava

    I’m in love with the Vrija Detan Night Mask! It has a pleasant scent, absorbs quickly, and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. A definite must-have!

  20. Ajit Chakrabarti

    I’ve tried many overnight masks, but this one truly stands out. It provides intense hydration without feeling greasy or heavy. It’s perfect for my dry skin.

  21. Kannagi Rajavade

    I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my skin’s elasticity since I started using this night mask. It has made my skin look firmer and more youthful

  22. Sunita Bala

    I’m impressed with how this night mask has helped reduce the redness in my skin. It has a calming effect and leaves my skin feeling balanced and soothed.

  23. Manasa Nancy

    The Vrija Detan Night Mask has helped me combat the effects of pollution and environmental stressors on my skin. My complexion looks healthier and brighter

  24. Kiran Meda

    This night mask has a luxurious texture and feels incredibly pampering on the skin. I feel like I’m treating myself to a spa-like experience every night.

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MRP: ‚āĻ 1100 incl. of all taxes

Net Quantity: Vrija Detan Night Mask (45gm)

Marketed by: Derm Quest Pvt Ltd, 83, Plot no.14, Marol Co-op Industrial Estate, Sir Mathuradas Vasanji Rd, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059

Manufactured By: Copperpods Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd., 2nd Floor, C-1/19, G.I.D.C Estate, Umbergaon Valsad - 396171