Vrija Retinol Face Serum

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For mature, dull and pigmented skin

Retinol is an age old molecule used in anti-ageing treatment. But its application is limited considering stability & irritation potential associated with retinol. Vrija Retinol Face Serum is technically formulated to enhance stability and effectiveness of retinol. It delivers high concentration of pure retinol for superior anti-ageing action without causing any irritation With less skin irritation potential- ‘Skin Friendly Retinol’

Patented Retinol
Vrija Retinol Face Serum has used two technologies to deliver high concentration of pure retinol which remain stable over the shelf life
a) Phospholipids – a plant-based skin friendly moisturizing ingredient which encapsulates the retinol and provides retinol to skin for effective and targeted actions.
b) Natural wax-based capsules – enables high strength retinol availability, stabilized over weeks and less skinirritation potential


Vrija Retinol Face serum provides a shield against moisture loss. It boosts and reinforces the synthesis of essentials lipids, proteins, hyaluronic acid and other moisturizing factors present in the skin, and thus provides the skin with optimum hydration.

Vrija Retinol Face Serum has a patented multimineral cocktail of Magnesium, Zinc & Copper which provide necessary energy and oxygen to the cells, safeguards the dermis components and also acts as an anti-oxidant. With these triple action properties, it revitalizes and energizes the skin.

· Mature, ageing and pigmented skin.

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Vrija Skin & Hair

Why Vrija Face Serum?
1. Optimum efficacy and long-term benefits

Vrija Retinol Face Serum is technologically formulated containing ingredients of natural derivative which encapsulates retinol to enhance the bioavailability and stability of Retinol while reducing the skin irritation potential. It provides high concentration of skin friendly retinol for optimum anti-ageing effect

2. Rejuvenates and restores the skin surface

With its patented ingredients, Vrija Retinol Face Serum reinforces the synthesis of essentials lipids, proteins and other molecules involved in skin surface, thus restoring the skin surface. It also provides necessary oxygen and energy to cells and revitalize the skin. It thus strengthens the skin surface, protects from external factors and provide necessary nutrition

3. Quick action and visible Results

Vrija Retinol Face Serum is light in weight and is technically formulated with concentrated amount of potent actives, which absorbs quickly into the deeper layers of skin to provide visible results

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply Vrija Retinol Face Serum?

Vrija retinol face serum can be applied during the night followed by sunscreen application on next morning. Take the appropriate quantity, dab it on face and massage well till it absorbs.

At what age should we start using the serum?

The recommended age to start using the serum is 25 years and above.

Is it suitable for all skin type skin?

Yes, it is suitable for all skin types but not suitable for extremely sensitive skin. The serum is non-comedogenic and
safe for use in acne-prone skin.

Can 2 serums be applied together?

It is recommended to use single serum in a day , 2 serums can be applied alternatively.

When can I see the visible results?

Daily application will show visible results within a month.

What are the storage recommendations for the serum?

Store in cool and dry place, away from the direct sunlight.
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  1. Kiran Salve (verified owner)

    My skin already feel good, and free moisturizing lip balm that I got, made my day

  2. Sarthak Mane (verified owner)

    Best retinol face serum I can ever have

  3. Suraj Chavan (verified owner)

    Full marks to Vrija for making this skin friendly product. Thank you , looking forward for more products from Vrija

  4. Angel Gandhi (verified owner)

    This retinol face serum doesn’t cause any dryness or redness! Amazing ! Amazing !

  5. Imran (verified owner)

    Ingredients and description made me do this purchase – no wrinkles, my skin is glowing and its moisturizing instead of drying – Wonderful

  6. Nalini Patel (verified owner)

    This is my first ever purchase from Vrija, and I am very happy

  7. Lovely Singh (verified owner)

    My skin feels young, I am glad, recommended!

  8. Rama Thakkar (verified owner)

    The serum is giving visible impact on the skin, effective for winkles & glow skin

  9. Chirag Avasthi (verified owner)

    Leaves my skin soft supple, young, glowing , great product. As I am an anchor, I found right companion to present myself for any showcase

  10. Sparsh Seth (verified owner)

    Glowing, effective and useful! Must use retinol face serum

  11. Amit Sethi (verified owner)

    Using this serum alternatively, my skin texture is improved. I hope this going to be game changer and I will not be disappointed as I was with purchase of other serums

  12. Shyam Natwarlal (verified owner)

    wonderful product, my skin feels good, no more fine lines and my skin is glowing

  13. Sarang Mankhani (verified owner)

    Nice product, my night care skin regime is now complete

  14. Soundarya Sharma (verified owner)

    My oily skin is finally loving this product, not much drying effect till now, but surely my skin feel special and young

  15. Oorja Kulkarni (verified owner)

    Solid & fantastic, nice product, not causing any dryness

  16. Abhishek Loliwala (verified owner)

    My skin is slowly becoming wrinkle free, great product, useful for anti – ageing

  17. Varsha Phansalkar (verified owner)

    Hello, I am having great experience while using this product, wrinkle free, fine lines free, dullness free, highly recommended product

  18. Iqra Shaikh (verified owner)

    Not feeling any kind of side effects as of now, my skin is glowing, and no more fine lines

  19. Kajal Kamath (verified owner)

    Surprisingly it has retinol and water based serum, but no dryness, it is more of moisturizing feel

  20. Ansh Nambiar (verified owner)

    Guys I am happy with this Product, I am very particular with my skin care products, but nothing so far gave me results like this serum. Worthy purchase, correcting all my skin care issues

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Net Quantity: Vrija Retinol Face Serum (30ml)

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Manufactured By: Copperpods Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd., 2nd Floor, C-1/19, G.I.D.C Estate, Umbergaon Valsad - 396171