How the modern hair system works?

hair system

Hair loss is a common occurrence all around the world. However, it turns into a menace when losing a few strands of hair turns into a full-fledged receding hairline, which unfortunately can lead to balding. Though balding is generally conceived to be a dead end after which healthy hair is just to be dreamt of, there are several options for someone who wants to correct this problem. The first and probably the most popular option among these solutions that comes to mind is getting a hair transplant. This option, however, is not feasible for a vast majority of the population owing to it being relatively expensive and slightly invasive. This is where modern hair systems come in.

What are modern hair systems?

Modern hair systems are essentially affordable and versatile hair replacement systems made from actual human hair that is woven to a suitable base like lace or nylon. With the help of suitable adhesives, these bases are attached to the bare scalp. After the initial setting, it can be cut and set according to an individual’s needs and made completely indistinguishable from one’s natural hair. 

There can be two basic types of the modern hair system, which can be either mesh fabric (nylon) or polymers (silicone). While nylon fibres create an almost invisible hairline when attached to the scalp, they are difficult to maintain in the long run as they are delicate and expensive. Silicones, on the other hand, are less costly and very durable, easy to attach but give a less natural look. Additionally, they get hot and uncomfortable as the temperature increases.

Does one size fit all when it comes to hair systems?

Hair systems can be mass-manufactured, people prefer to get them customized according to their hair type, density, colour, texture, and colour or wave pattern. Additionally, hair systems do not restrict your life in any way or form. You can sleep, bathe, swim, or dance in them as you please.

Are hair systems the same as toupees and hair wigs? 

Though hair systems, a toupee, and a wig- all are non-surgical methods of hair replacement, wigs and toupees are less expensive compared to hair systems. However, the former two methods of hair replacement appear more unnatural and may need to be removed before sleeping or bathing. 

Special tips to take care of your hair system 

Avoid using extremely hot water to wash your new hair-excessively hot water is known to dehydrate hair strands, irritate the scalp, and make your hair very dry and brittle.

Use satin pillowcases- satin pillowcases are known to cause less friction and thus less damage to your hair. Additionally, satin is not known to attract water from your hair. 

Don’t brush too hard- brushing too hard eventually can loosen up the hair attached to the base of the hair system. 

Condition every time you brush your hair.