Five ways to boost your skincare routine 

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Once you get hold of your assortment of skincare products, it is a natural inclination for you to expect them to work overnight. However, this cannot happen unless you have open access to some mysterious skincare charms! You need to be consistent with your skincare routine in order for it to work. However, even with being extremely disciplined with your skincare routine, you may sometimes observe your products to be failing you. If having perfect skin with just the right products suited for your skincare needs was that easy, everyone would have glowing skin. Why is it that you do not see visible changes in your skin no matter how consistent and invested you are in your skincare routine. We know for a fact that most of the time it is not because the elegant advertisements for these products have fooled you in some way, but only because you are not incorporating some basic tricks in your routine to amp up your skincare game. 

Today we’ll talk about how making a few tweaks in your skincare routine can have an extraordinary impact on your skin’s health and overall appearance! 

Here are five ways to boost your skincare game and have the skin of your dreams!

Double cleansing is the solution to many problems: double cleansing virtually means cleansing with an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup, sunscreen, and the dust and grime that accumulates on your face; followed by using a water-based cleanser to give you a clean slate to work in your remaining skincare products. It is an extremely helpful way to start your night-time skincare routine as it effectively removes all makeup, thus rendering your pores cleaner and your skin more receptive to the rest of your routine. 

Apply skincare routines to damp skin: the three-minute rule in the skincare world basically suggests that you apply your skin care products within three minutes of you cleansing it. This is because research claims damp skin to be more receptive as compared to dry skin. The trick is to wash your face, gently pat it dry to an extent where it is moist enough to absorb products. However, your skin should not be dripping wet as products will simply slide off your skin without being absorbed. 

Don’t be afraid of acids: you need to integrate chemical exfoliants into your skincare routine. The market is full of gentle exfoliating acids including mandelic and lactic acid, both of which are alpha hydroxy acids, as well as polyhydroxy acids. These exfoliators work by gradually dissolving the “glue” between your skin cells and help them being shed off to reveal smooth skin and cleaner pores.

Layer your skincare products: we are yet to find a unique product that solves all your skincare woes. This is where layering comes in, wherein you layer one product over the other, keeping in mind two basic rules of layering, which include doing from thinnest to a thicker consistency and lowest to highest pH. 

Do not have the same products in your AM and PM skincare routines. This is because various products work well during different times of the day. For example, retinoids lose all their superiority in the presence of UV rays. Similarly, some products cancel each other’s effects if applied in the same routine. Benzoyl peroxide and vitamin A will not work well in the same routine as they negate each other’s effects.