Facial Exercise to Delay Ageing

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Ageing skin, wrinkles and loose skin is a nightmare for most young ladies nowadays. The craze for Botox is henceforth self-explanatory. But do you know some exercises that keep you away from your wrinkles and needles as well? It will also give you that dream jawline you have been dreaming of for so long. Massaging your face in a particular manner or doing some clown face exercises can benefit you and prevent premature ageing or delay the appearance of wrinkles.  Let’s talk about some of these exercises in detail. 

Cheeky face exercise 

This one exercise often referred to as “cheeky face” Is a boon if you are trying to define your cheekbones. Start by taking a deep breath and blowing your cheeks keeping the air within. Now start by pushing the air to one side and flattening the other side. Repeat the same process for the other cheek. Do this entire process 8 to 10 times and hold your breath in each process for as long as you can. You will see some noticeable change in your face structure and especially on your cheekbones.

Surprise face exercise 

If you are also worried about your forehead lines then instead of being surprised incorporate this surprise face exercise to help with those upcoming forehead lines. Just make a face as if you are surprised by raising your eyebrows. You can raise your eyebrows as much as you can to promote maximum circulation in your forehead which will indirectly result in a reduction of those wrinkle lines.

 ‘Kiss the ceiling’ face exercise 

As the name sound is the ceiling is a process in which you have to look up to the ceiling and stretch your neck keeping your head tilted. Then you try to kiss the ceiling. Make sure to hold on to that position till you can. Repeat this process four or five times. This exercise will help tone your chin and neck. This exercise also prevents the sagging of skin and reduce double chin as well. 

 ‘V stretch’ face exercise 

This is one of the most popular exercises that are adapted by a lot of people especially beauty bloggers and estheticians. This is usually done with the gua-sha tool but you can also use your fingers to do this. All you have to do is take two fingers put them under your eyes in a v shape. Now press your index and stretch them to the outer corners of your face while both of the middle fingers are rested on the inner corners.

Do this exercise while keeping your eyes on the ceiling. Repeat this exercise 8 to 10 times a day. This exercise proves magical for those puffy under-eyes and droopy eyelids.

 ‘Smile smoother’ face exercise

This exercise helps you to attain that toned cheek line and also prevent the sagging of skin. All you have to do is hide your teeth while making an O shape with your lips. Now stretch your lips in a wide smile and hold on to that position as per your convenience. Put your index finger below your chin and move your jaw up and down tilting your head slightly backwards. Repeat this exercise three times relaxing in between. You will see the benefits sooner than you expect.

Hence these are the few less known exercises that help you delay your skin ageing by providing adequate blood supply to your skin improving circulation which prevents the early signs of ageing. So do not forget to involve these in your beauty regime the next time.