Does Binge-watch your favourite series damage your skin?

damage your skin

Who doesn’t love binge-watching their favourite series on Netflix for hours on a stretch! Isn’t it the best coping mechanism for most of the stressed people out there? Beat after a hectic weekend or after a bad day at work, binge-watching your favourite TV series on Netflix is one of the best ways to lighten up your mood. But here lies a catch: have you ever thought about how much it affects your skin? Well, studies have shown sitting in front of your laptop screen or on your mobile screen for long results in damaged skin.

The light emitted from your laptop screen or your mobile penetrates deep into the tissue of your skin and causes a lot of problems like premature skin ageing, wrinkles and tired face. The increased risk of UV exposure to that emitted light is damaging your skin internally.

Binge-watching this series outside in sunshine will cause much more damage if you haven’t applied your sunscreen or if you are exposed to direct sunlight for a longer period. None of us can deny the fact that binge-watching is very addictive and it’s really hard to stop, however, not only your skin, binge-watching a web series for continuous hours can mess with your posture, your Spine and your sleep cycle as well. 

An improper sleep cycle is often associated with tired skin. Insufficient sleep results in the puffiness of the face and hampers the circulation in our skin. According to a Netflix survey, 61% of steamers are regularly binge-watching. Isn’t that a huge number?

And we were even unaware of the fact the addiction it is bringing to the table. Not only this binge-watching is also associated with binge eating that leads to unhealthy weight gain. And healthy weight gain does real damage to our overall health and hence our skin.

Cholesterol in our body results in dull-looking skin with no glow that is often aided by breakouts and acne as well. While binge-watching you are continuously sitting in front of your laptops for your mobile forgetting physical activity. 

Zero physical activity or being inactive in your life will lead to many health problems and make your body lazy, for a long time it also hampers the blood flow of your body and hence less amount of oxygen reaches every organ. Once you get addicted to it your sleep cycle will be severely damaged to a point where you feel insomniac and always tired and out of energy.

Being continuously exposed to the light emitted from your screen can lead to you being unable to fall asleep and restrict or decrease your melatonin production. This will hamper the overall sleep-wake cycle and body metabolism. It is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, work out daily, have a proper diet for od and glowing skin and overall healthy life.

 The addition of the urge to binge-watch will also hamper you in the long run. You will face problems like spondylolysis and back pain as well.  So no matter how alluring it seems it’s not a good idea to get addicted to binge-watching every day, overall well-being and mental health as well.   It’s high time that you look back into a Lifestyle because everything in moderation is good but once it exceeds and becomes excess it hampers both life and health.